MSK Foundations would focus on Education, Alcohol rehabilitation and Environment.


“Anna’ch chathhiram aayiram vaithhal Aalayam padhinaayiram naattal Annaiyaavinum punniyam kodi Aangor eazhaikku ezhutharivithhal“

Glory to thee who gives letter and word to the poor rather than those who offer food or build prayer halls.”

Poet Subramania Bharathi

Education - Support bright orphan children for their college education and help them in getting jobs -within the group and elsewhere with the group’s networking support. In fact motivate them into government jobs (to create a difference in the system). We shall link this foundation’s efforts with Round Table India whose long term vision is “Freedom Through Education.” (Anand is an active contributor with the Round Table India, since 2005)

MSK Group would focus on creating environments where man-making, character-building education would be imparted.

It has been realised that only a good industry could become the school of effective education. An industry has to be the new ‘gurukula’ The seniors in MSK Group function as teachers or guides and performers and they get the next in line, ready to take up their responsibility in a phased manner. It is only with such a spirit, real energetic cooperation becomes possible.

Alcohol rehabilitaion

“Kaiyarri yaamai yudaithhey porulkoduthathhu meiyarri yaamai kolal” “Manathhin ariyaamaiyal kaipporulai izhandhu, kallinaal pulangalaiyum unarvizhakkach cheidhal madamaiyin muzhunilai.”

“Ignorance of the mind leads to lose material wealth- and to drown in liquor, that benumbs their senses.”

Alcohol rehabilitation – Sensitizing this in our companies, create awareness and offer help. This issue is a menace amongst the labor class. This will be started off with the people working in our group companies’ factories and the construction sites/locations.


“In (the natural) wilderness is the Preservation of the world.”

Henri David Thoreau

Environment – Will also be a very important aspect for the group. Will focus of green energy, recycling water and wastes, planting trees, etc in our projects/buildings