MSK Thangaraj | Chairman- MSK Group

Federation of bus operators associations of Tamilnadu

  • 1980-88
  • 1989-98
  • 1999-Till date
  • Vice-President (7 years)-Confederation of All India Passenger Association-New Delhi.
  • Vice-President-Indian Society for Cultural Cooperation and Friendship(ISCUF)25Years.
  • Vice-President – ISCUF  National Council-New Delhi.
  • Awarded  “PERUNDU PEROLLI” by ISCUF,Tamilnadu.
  • Life Member – Indo – Russian Chamber of Commerce & Industries.
  • Past President – Board of Trustees,Bhavani Sangameswar Temple-Bhavani.
  • Past Chairman, Board of Trustee of Periya Mariamman & Chinna Mariamman temples,Erode.
  • Member – Konguvellalar Youth Forum-Erode.
  • Member – Konguvellalar welfare trust-Erode.
  • Member -  Tamilnadu Road Safety Committee.
  • Member – Cosmopolitan Club,Chennai

Anand Thangaraj | Managing Director – MSK Group

  • Civil Engineer with a PG in management from Latrobe- Melbourne, Australia.
  • 2000 - 2002 -Project Incharge, URC Constructions pvt ltd, Tamilnadu.
  • 2005 – 2011 Director, BKS Textiles PVT LTD, Palladam, TN, India.
  • Member of CII, YI(young Indians).
  • Member of COYD(committee of young directors-SIMA).
  • Member of YET (Young Entrepreneurs of Textiles).
  • Member of Round Table.

Arjun S.C.D | Executive Director – MSK Group

  • Executive Council Member of YI Club
  • Ex Chair Person of Students Net of YI Club
  • Worked as Senior Engineer - R&D in L.G.Balakrishnan & Bros Ltd Chain Devision for 6 yrs
  • Industrial and Production Engineer from RVCE Bangalore (1990 - 94)

Dr. Karthik Thangaraj – Executive Director

Our journey in the automobile industry started more than four decades ago. Today, we are one of the leading private automobile business groups in the state of Tamil Nadu.

MSK Group has interests in Automobile dealerships, Spare-parts distribution, Non-banking leasing and Finance, Transports, Textiles & Real estate developments.

The MSK Group is a well-recognized brand name among the Southern States’ automobile dealership fraternity. The various companies in the group have enjoyed long standing associations with automobile manufacturers, generations of loyal customers, the local community and workforce and the finance and banking industry.

    • Transports
    • Hero Dealership
    • Finance
    • Deneer Textiles
    • Hero Parts Distribution
    • Hero Dealership
    • Hero Scooters
    • Realestate

The MSK Group realizes that we can sustain and grow to be a successful company only if we cater to the needs of our customers and respect the environment in which we live.

We strive to continuously improve our service to customers:

  • through clear and honest information exchange,
  • through timely fulfillment of our commitments and
  • by earning their trust at every step.

We strive to give back to the community:

  • by being a fair and honest business group,
  • by recycling water and waste wherever possible,
  • using CFL lights and environmentally-friendly construction material when possible,
  • by maintaining a green environment by saving trees when possible and
  • continuously planting new saplings.

We strive to create a healthy working environment for our employees:

  • by creating an unbiased work culture,
  • giving each employee the opportunity to grow within the company,
  • providing on-site and off-site training opportunities to aid in his/her own personal development,
  • by having a fair grievance redressal system when needed.

Environmental responsibilities:

Energy-saving lighting systems: CFL (Compact Fluorescent Lamp): Our aim is to use CFL bulbs in lighting areas wherever possible, thus reducing the amount of energy consumed and reducing its harmful effects on the environment.

Water Recycling Units : Since our business requires a large amount of water to wash and maintain vehicles, we aim to equip our workshops with water recycling units where water from the water wash area is recycled through this equipment and reused three times before being let out into the storm water drains.

Greenery: With a constant battle being waged between urbanization and the maintenance of the green areas in and around cities, we aim to try and avoid the unnecessary cutting of plants and trees in all our properties.

Rain water harvesting: We aim to harvest rain water wherever possible. When any new area is being developed, we try to limit the amount of property that is paved and let more rain water seep into the ground, thus improving the water table.